Qingdao, Shandong: This year, the heat pump with air source and other heat pump area reached 16.88 million square meters.

PubDate:2017-12-25Author:Jinlun CompanySources:China Heat Pump Industry AllianceViews:1257

According to the Qingdao Morning Post today, on the morning of December 9, the first electric clean heating technology exhibition in Qingdao with the theme of “Beautiful Qingdao, Electric Heating Wanjia” kicked off in Lisong District. The exhibition will last for 8 days. Through the on-site physical objects, models, animations, exhibition boards and other forms, we will popularize the knowledge of electric clean heating for the masses, enhance the awareness of residents' clean heating, and promote the clean heating and electric energy replacement work in Qingdao. According to the city's Economic and Information Committee, the current heating area in Qingdao has exceeded 48 million square meters, of which the heat pump area of various types of heat pumps has reached 16.88 million square meters, accounting for 35.1% of the clean energy heating area.

Popularize knowledge of clean heating for residents

"It is obvious that Qingdao's smog weather is much less this year. The clean energy heating effect advocated by our country in the past two years is too obvious!" The electric clean heating technology exhibition has not yet officially opened. Mr. Cui, a citizen living in Lisong District, took his daughter. Go ahead and visit the progress area in advance. Mr. Cui told reporters that he had planned to bring his children to the mall to buy a few clothes on the weekend. It happened to meet such an exhibition and it was very educational. The reporter saw on the scene that some new heating equipment placed on the exhibition area was concerned by the public, and one of the air heating equipment was particularly popular. According to the staff, this heating product integrates the three functions of floor heating, hot water and refrigeration, and is the winning bid for the national coal-to-electricity project.

With the arrival of the cold winter, the smog caused by heating has once again entered the people's field of vision. Especially in the urban villages, urban-rural areas and rural areas that are not covered by the central heating network, most of the retailers still use coal-fired methods. “The exhibition shows various advanced technologies such as heat pump, valley electric energy storage, distributed electric heating, high energy efficiency air conditioning, etc. in the fields of commercial and civil use through various forms such as physical objects, models, animations and exhibition boards. Application scenarios and success stories. According to Dong Bo, Director of the Electricity Commission of the Municipal Economic and Information Commission, through this exhibition, the knowledge of electric clean heating will be popularized for the masses, the residents' awareness of clean heating will be enhanced, and the clean heating and electric energy substitution work in Qingdao will be promoted. process.

Clean energy heating exceeded 48 million square meters

According to Dong Bo, in recent years, the clean energy supply work in Qingdao has been steadily advanced. In August 2015, the island city issued the notice of “Qingdao City Administration Implementing “Several Policies for Accelerating the Development of Clean Energy Heating in Qingdao” Encourage seawater sources, soil sources, air source heat pumps and other electric heating projects to build valley energy storage facilities. For the construction of energy storage facilities of the project, 50% of the construction cost of the approved energy storage facilities shall be subsidized by the financial funds, and the maximum subsidy amount shall be 10 million yuan.

In addition, in order to encourage the public to use clean energy heating and reduce the cost of electricity heating for residents, according to the Notice of the Provincial Price Bureau on the matters related to the residents' peak-to-valley time-of-use tariff policy (Lu price is issued [2017] No. 107) The document stipulates that for the households of one household and one meter under the jurisdiction of the Shandong Electric Power Company, the peak period of the heating period (from November to March of each year) is reduced from 14 hours to 12 hours, that is, 8:00-20:00; The period of the valley increased from 10 hours to 12 hours, that is, 20:00-8:00. In the current ladder price standard, the electricity price in the valley during the heating period is adjusted from a decrease of 0.17 yuan to a decrease of 0.2 yuan, that is, the first stage peak price is 0.5769 yuan, and the valley section price is 0.3469 yuan.

The reporter learned that in 2014, Qingdao City completed the preparation of the country's first clean energy heating special plan - "Qingdao Clean Energy Heating Special Plan (2014-2020)". Subsequently, Qingdao City issued the "Qingdao City to speed up cleaning." Several policies on energy heating development and the Regulations have effectively mobilized the enthusiasm of social capital to participate in clean energy heating projects. At present, Qingdao's clean energy has exceeded 48 million square meters, of which all types of heat pump heating area reached 16.88 million square meters, accounting for 35.1% of clean energy heating area, reducing the air pollution caused by coal-fired supply to the tropics. Achieved good social benefits.