Shanxi “coal to electricity” survey – a new wave of air source heat pump and other new electric heating methods

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Since the implementation of the "coal to electricity" clean heating project in 2016, two years ago, Shanxi's small coal stove heating era has basically passed, ushered in a new era of clean heating, energy storage electric heating, energy storage electric boiler, air source heat pump ... In the “coal-to-electricity” area of coal-fired boilers in Shanxi Province and some areas where central heating cannot be achieved, a new wave of new electric heating methods is emerging. On December 26th, the joint interview group of “coal to electricity” initiated by the State Grid Shanxi Electric Power Company went deep into the homes of many residents in the provincial capital Taiyuan, and actually felt the convenience and benefits of cleaning and heating.

“In the past every heating season, the whole village was gray. But since this year, the conversion of coal-fired heating to electric heating, because of government subsidies, not only the air quality is good, but the heating costs of the villagers have also dropped.” Taiyuan Wang Minsheng, a branch secretary of Zhaojiashan Village in Jinyuan District, said that Zhaojiashan Village used coal mining and transportation as the leading economic industry of the village. However, since the relocation of the national coal mine to the Pingchuan, the immigration village has gradually realized The black economy, which is dominated by coal mining, has been transformed into a green economy based on the development of aquaculture and planting. It has become the first “low-carbon ecological transformation village” in Taiyuan City, but it has continued to cover coal-fired heating because it cannot be covered by central heating. In the way, a village shares a large heating boiler.

“It can be said that from this year on, we have realized the transformation of the low-carbon ecology in the true sense, and the chimney no longer emits black smoke.” Wang Minsheng led everyone to visit their boiler room and said, “The government will replace it for free. The electrode type heat storage boiler controls the electricity price in the valley section, and the heat storage time can be up to 16 hours. With the subsidy, the whole village needs about 250,000 yuan of electricity and 1100 yuan per household in a heating season. In the past, at least 1 million yuan. yuan."

The reporter saw that the entire boiler room was clean and bright, all of which were intelligently controlled, and only one staff member was needed. Next to the boiler room, there is a huge heat storage tower, accompanied by Hou Feng, a special personnel of the dispatching department of the State Grid Taiyuan Power Supply Company. The heat storage tower is generally turned on when the electricity price is lowest at night. Heating while storing heat. When the peak price of the peak period is the highest, you can store heat and heat, and the economy is affordable.

This heating method not only saves energy but also reduces emissions. Lei Li, deputy director of the News Center of Shanxi Electric Power Company of the State Grid, said that at present, the “coal to electricity” project in Shanxi has invested 526 million yuan, benefiting Taiyuan, Linyi, Jincheng, Changzhi, Jinzhong, Datong, Yangquan 7 and 127 villages. 37,256 households. The covered heating area is 11.17 million square meters, the annual reduction of coal burning is 380,000 tons, the carbon dioxide emission is reduced by 980,000 tons, the sulfur dioxide is 0.35 million tons, and the nitrogen oxides are 0.11 million tons. "The electric light is on the blue in Shanxi."

At the same time, the Shanxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission issued the "Notice on the price of clean heating electricity and related matters in our province" on November 28, and clearly defined three types of pricing methods for residents of "coal to electricity", which were used by residents to combine their own heating. The electricity is actually selected by itself. Specifically: the residents choose to calculate the price according to the peak and valley time. The electricity consumption in the valley section is extended from 22:00 to 8:00 on the current day from 22:00 to 8:00, and then extended for another 2 hours to 12 hours. From 20:00 to 8:00 the next day, the peak power consumption is shortened from 8:00 to 20:00.

If electric heating and domestic electricity are not metered, the actual electricity consumption of the valley will be deducted (after deducting the upper limit of 2,600 kWh per month), and the remaining electricity will continue to be implemented. Resident users of “coal to electricity” and non-resident users who perform residential electricity prices, if they choose to implement the flat price of electricity during the heating period, they will no longer implement the peak and valley electricity prices and the ladder electricity price. The electricity consumption for electric heating is not limited, and the electricity price is 0.477 yuan. / kWh execution.

The electric heating electricity is metered by a single meter, and the “coal to electricity” resident users who have read the meter from the power supply department can try the electricity price policy based on the electricity consumption, and the user applies to the local power supply department for execution. This pricing method does not distinguish between peak and valley periods, does not implement stepped electricity prices, and monthly electricity consumption is less than 2,600 kWh. The electricity price is 0.2862 yuan/kWh, and the excess is 0.507 yuan/kWh.

"Coal to electricity" clean heating is an important measure to control haze and improve air quality. It is a nationally implemented project for people's livelihood and people's conscience. State Grid Shanxi Electric Power Company fulfills its corporate social responsibility and helps win the battle of air pollution control, giving full play to the management resources of various departments and levels, giving priority to matching the material requirements of the “coal to electricity” project, strengthening the supply of materials and ensuring the precision of construction. . Actively promote the application of factory-based assembly, comprehensively implement the standardization results of typical design, standard materials, and standard processes, so that the construction quality is "the same", and the implementation of the "coal to electricity" project as a political task.

Low electricity prices - all the villages use air source heat pumps

During the visit, all the urban and rural residents who had carried out the "coal to electricity" were beaming and felt warm and clean at home. Everyone gave praise to "coal to electricity".

As soon as I entered the home of Dong Si Lai in Jinyangbao Village, Jinyuan District, a hot air came to the fore. In the house of more than 120 square meters, all the air source heat pumps were used for electric heating. "Most of the cost of replacing the air source heat pump is from the government. I personally spent only 1900 yuan. From November 1st heating to the current electricity cost of less than 800 yuan. In the past, my household coal-fired small boiler to warm, one At least 4,000 yuan for the heating season. This air source heat pump uses the heat in the air to heat, while consuming some of the electric energy, the power consumption is not high, and it is economical." Dong Si Lai said, "And the operation is simple, through the air. The intelligent control of the source heat pump, as long as the temperature is adjusted to 40 degrees Celsius, the home temperature can reach about 20 degrees Celsius, similar to the operating principle of the air conditioner. It also has a temperature sensor, it will automatically raise the temperature when the night temperature drops. The house is clean and warm."

“Let life be black and make your life healthier.” This is a banner hanging at the entrance of Dongjiazhuang Village in Yingze District. The short 12 words have no gorgeous rhetoric, and it is even more intuitive to understand that the city of Taiyuan must fundamentally improve the air quality of the city and make the people have a firm determination to enjoy the fresh air.

"In the past, when I arrived in winter, I had to have a stove. I didn't say anything about it. I always worried about gas poisoning at night. This time, I saved money on coal and I can enjoy the government's heating subsidy." Villager Zhang Baozhen took the calculator. An economic account, "the master of the power supply station said, we installed the regenerative electric heater, open at 8 o'clock in the evening, you can enjoy the trough price, turn off at 8 o'clock in the morning, electric heater can keep a day, the government also Give us a subsidy of 2,400 yuan during the heating period."

The villager Wu Fubao said: "In the past, my family's burning coal stove was placed in the middle of the house. When it started to burn coal in the winter, the house was dirty and messy. I was worried that the children would run around and hit the stove. Now, again Don't worry, you don't have to deal with coal ash. You don't need to add coal at night, and you don't have to sweep the coal slag every day to save trouble."

The new model - "coal to electricity" is an energy revolution

In the home of Mr. Han, a shantytown in Pozi Street, Xinghualing District, the coal-fired stove that had been used for 60 years was finally " laid off". Today, in the self-built cottages of more than 60 square meters, each house has an electric storage heater. Except for the government subsidies, he spent 1,300 yuan on four electric heaters. "The heating is mainly by night, and the heat stored in one night is enough for one day. When the electricity price is high during the day, we turn off the electric heater. According to the charge of the night valley price, plus the government subsidy, the electricity is less than a dime. It takes about 10 hours a day to use electricity. A monthly electricity fee of 180 yuan is enough, and a heating season is 900 yuan."

Also feel that the benefits are also Zhang Zhenniu, a villager from Yangjia Village, Jinyuan District. His home heating area is about 80 square meters. Three 3.2 kilowatts and two 2.4 kilowatts regenerative electric heating equipment are installed, with a total power of 14.4 kilowatts per month. The electricity consumption is 2,400 kWh, the electricity fee is 710 yuan, and after the government subsidizes 480 yuan, the individual only needs to pay 230 yuan. According to the 5-month heating period, the total electricity cost is 1,150 yuan, which is more than 800 yuan. Now, Zhang Zhenniu's home is clean and tidy, and the heating temperature can be adjusted at will according to the temperature of sunshine.

The improvement in the quality of life of the masses brought about by “coal to electricity” is obvious. Raleigh said that in order to bring greater benefits to residents, the State Grid Shanxi Electric Power Company legally reduced the level of electric heating and heating prices, and implemented the peak and valley time-sharing electricity price policy and adopted market-based measures to effectively reduce the cost of electric heating. For the users of “coal to electricity”, the government not only subsidizes the electricity price in the valley, but also finances the installation fee of one-third of the heating equipment at the provincial and municipal levels.

The advantages of electric heating, such as “clean, safe, comfortable and convenient”, have been accepted by more and more people. The level of household electrification has been significantly improved. The lifestyle of ordinary people is quietly changing, opening a new heating mode that replaces electric energy. Raleigh said that the use of electric energy instead of the energy consumption of loose coal is an important means of electrification of the terminal energy, which is of great significance for promoting air pollution prevention and promoting the energy revolution.