Air source heat pump saves 75%! Listen to the master, talk about the hot water project in the baby swimming pool

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Air source heat pump saves 75%! Listen to the master, talk about the hot water project in the baby swimming pool

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In recent years, with the 80 generations who are easy to accept new things, the early education market has become extremely popular. After the special country has opened the second child policy, early education based on infant swimming courses is more popular. The project has small investment, low risk and stable return, so the baby swimming pools everywhere have mushroomed everywhere.

First, the market

The baby swimming pool opened in the past few years is subject to various conditions, and most of them use diesel boilers to boil hot water. However, the burning value of diesel is lower, and the efficiency of diesel boilers is only about 80%. Using diesel boilers, heating 1 ton of water from 15 °C to 55 °C requires about 5.5 liters of diesel, which is equivalent to 6 yuan per liter. 33 yuan.

The air energy heat pump has high energy efficiency, and heats 1 ton of water from 15 ° C to 55 ° C. It only uses 15 degrees of electricity and is calculated at 1 yuan / kW, equivalent to 15 yuan.

Table: Comparison of various energy costs for heating 1 ton of water (from 15 ° C to 55 ° C, 40000 Kcal calorific value is required)

Note: Taking 1 ton of heating as an example, the ambient temperature is 20 ° C, and heating from 15 ° C to 55 ° C requires 40,000 Kcal of heat. The energy data is taken as an example in Hanzhong, Shaanxi.

Since the use of air can save more than 50% of the later cost than the use of diesel boilers, according to the daily heating and constant temperature of 5 tons of water, the actual use of 120 days a year, the use of air can save more than 10,000 yuan a year compared with the use of diesel boilers, so Many newly opened baby swimming pools have gradually begun to choose to use air energy hot water equipment.

Second, the host

First of all, because the baby swimming pool is different from the adult swimming pool, in order to prevent damage to the baby's skin, the water in the swimming pool cannot be disinfected by using the medicine, and most of the ozone generator is used for disinfection, so that the ordinary hot water machine can be used without using the special The swimming pool heat pump reduces user investment.

Secondly, the baby swimming pool is generally equipped with a large pool, several small pools and several washing basins. Because it is a neighboring street store, the location is very limited, most of them can not be placed in the water tank, and considering the early investment and hot water at any time, any At the time, it does not affect the business situation. Generally, the large pool is equipped with an air energy main engine (no need for a water tank) for circulation heating. The small pool and the washing basin are equipped with a main machine and a water tank. If the location is limited or the investment is limited, the small pool and the washing basin are hot water. Use diesel boilers, double insurance.

Again, because the baby swimming pool water requirement is 37 ° C in winter, 35 ° C in summer, in the case of ensuring that the host works 8 to 10 hours a day, the ratio of the host and the large pool can be selected according to 1:1. Namely: 3 tons with 3 horses, 5 tons with 5 horses, 10 tons with 10 horses. For example: the inner diameter of the large pool is 1.6 meters * 3.8 meters, the depth of the pool is 0.8 meters, the capacity of the large pool is 4.8 tons, it is recommended to be equipped with 5 machines.

For small pools and flushing basins, hot water is recommended. Diesel boilers are recommended because of the low water consumption. If air energy is used, the ratio of water consumption is about 1 ton in 3 small pools, and 2 to 3 washing basins can be ignored. The water consumption is calculated according to the flow rate of the small pool. For example, 3 small pools, bathing infants 6-9 people a day, with 3 2 tons of 55 °C hot water can meet the needs. In addition, in areas where the temperature is below -5 °C in winter, ultra-low temperature units are recommended.

The use of large pool air energy is: spring, summer and autumn, 8:00 am, the large pool releases water to a certain water level, the pump is exhausted, and the water is turned on. After about 12 o'clock, the pool water temperature can be guaranteed to reach 35 ° C; in winter, due to the low outdoor temperature In comparison, the working time of the host is slightly longer. It is necessary to fill the pool water before going to work at night, and the water pump is exhausted and turned on to ensure that the water temperature at the second day is 37 °C.

Third, the pump

The main consideration is the selection method of the large pool circulating water pump. Because the indoor pool of the baby swimming pool and the indoor host pipe are far away (the long distance between the large pool and the mainframe is 20 meters) and there are many elbows, when the circulating pump is selected, it should be larger than the normal one. For example: normal 3 matches **PH-102. In this case, you need to match **PH-123, 5 matches PH-123. In this case, you need to match **PH-251.

If the main unit is placed on the roof and is higher than the pool, a booster pump is recommended. Take 5 horse machines as an example. When the main engine is more than 3 meters higher than the pool, it is recommended to select a booster pump with a head of more than 10 meters, such as PUN-200E, which is 15 meters or more and 20 meters lower than the pool. It is equipped with a booster pump PUN- 600E, of course, while meeting the head, we must also consider the flow of the host.

In addition, when we need to vent the water pump, the water in the large pool may not flow naturally to the position of the water pump. At this time, we can open the hair filter cover, and in order to fill the water, then exhaust the water pump. After that, add more water, cover the lid, and turn it on again, so that the pump can suck the water from the large pool, especially when the pump and the host are above the large pool. This is an inevitable phenomenon.

Fourth, hair filter

The hair filter is a necessary equipment in the large pool circulation water of the baby swimming program. It has two functions, one is to filter the water and protect the water pump and the main machine; the other is to provide the exhaust water for the water pump. Therefore, it must be installed at the water inlet of the pump when installing, and the installation method of the hair filter is high and low, and the installation method of the silicon-phosphorus crystal can is just the opposite of the installation in the hot water system. The height of the filter is higher than the vent screw hole of the circulation pump.

The selection of hair filter, I personally recommend the choice of stainless steel strainer, generally do not use bag hair filter and PP cotton hair filter, the latter two will seriously affect the flow, the capacity caused by the host high-pressure alarm. Sand tank filters are also not recommended. One is because the sand filter is costly; the other is because the sand filter does not function as a vent.

Fifth, the installation

Pay attention to the following points during installation:

  1. The hair filter and water pump should be placed indoors as much as possible to prevent freezing and freezing in winter.

2. Due to the high temperature and temperature in the swimming pool, the host control instrument must not be placed in the swimming pool, otherwise the instrument may be damaged.

3. The main distribution cabinet of the swimming pool should not be set in the swimming pool. Otherwise, after using for a period of time, the wires and the open surface will condense, and even the water will be stored in the line tube, which may cause leakage. If it can only be set in swimming The inside of the hall must require customers to do waterproof and moisture-proof distribution cabinets.

4. Do not use the sewage outlet for the circulation under the large pool. It is recommended to use a separate hole in the lower part of the side of the pool for the large pool to follow the ring. The large pool cold water supply pipe is also recommended to be connected to the circulation position of the large pool. This can solve the problem that the large pool water cannot be natural. The problem of flowing to the main circulation pump.

5. Installation position of water temperature probe: It is recommended to install in the blind pipe of the pipe opening between the hair filter outlet and the water inlet of the pump. The temperature difference between the start and stop of the host is recommended to be 5 degrees.

6. If equipped with a diesel boiler, the hot water pipe of the diesel boiler must not be shared with the air energy circulation pipe. Otherwise, the high temperature hot water of the diesel boiler will be stringed into the air energy host, causing the air to be high temperature alarm.

7. Since the air host of the baby swimming pool is mostly installed in the street, in order to let the host condensate not be discharged to the street, it is necessary to do the discharge of the host condensate. When Party A renovates, in addition to requiring Party A to introduce two circulating pipes and power lines to the host, a drain pipe is required. When installing, one or two drain holes are reserved at the bottom of the main unit, and the hose is led to the drain pipe. In the middle, the remaining holes are closed with structural glue, or a drain pan is drained at the bottom of the main unit.

Sixth, use

When the pool is used for the first time, there will be a layer of yellow and yellow oil stains around the pool. This is a normal phenomenon. This is because the pipes of the large pool mostly use hoses and are connected by glue. The inner wall of the hose has a protective oil film. Generally, the water is changed 3~5. This phenomenon is gone.

In addition, the dirt treatment at the bottom of the large pool can be started by first opening the pool circulation function, using the filtration system of the large pool itself to clean the dirt at the bottom of the large pool. Secondly, it can be bundled on a wire tube with a hose, one end into the pool water, and the other After sucking out the water with your mouth, put it in the bucket, then extend the end that extends into the pool to the bottom of the pool to absorb the dirt. You can also buy the ready-made fish tank water changer in Taobao, so you don't need to suck it with your mouth.