Heat pump drying to fire! The central government will allocate 18.6 billion yuan to purchase high-tech agricultural equipment

PubDate:2018-01-19Author:Jinlun CompanySources:HVAC circleViews:1113

Drying equipment plays an important role in the primary processing of agricultural products and food processing. The central government's financial allocation to support high-tech agricultural equipment will inevitably promote the further development of drying equipment such as air-energy heat pump drying.

A few days ago, a major news waved in the air energy industry. According to the "Guidelines for the Implementation of Agricultural Machinery Purchase Subsidies 2015-2017" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions"), the central government will allocate 18.6 billion yuan to fund the purchase of high-tech agricultural equipment. The subsidy is divided into three aspects: the primary processing subsidy project for agricultural products, the financial incentives for energy-saving renovation, and the construction of drying facilities and storage facilities.

The official announcement of this "Opinions" is an important step taken by the state to support the three rural areas. The injection of huge amounts of money into the agricultural machinery sector will promote the rapid development of the rural economy. According to the contents of the "Opinions", agricultural drying equipment is the focus of this subsidy. For example, the subsidy amount for energy-saving drying equipment for tea drying, grain drying, grain drying, etc. has been released, and the amount is not low. This undoubtedly brought a warm spring breeze to the agricultural drying field.

Air energy heat pump energy-saving drying technology, in line with the concept of green, environmental protection, energy-saving development. Air energy heat pump drying can dehumidify and dry the product in a relatively closed environment or in a semi-open environment, which not only saves energy, but also effectively improves the quality of the product. It has remarkable features such as energy saving, environmental protection and sanitation. Widely used in food, wood, tobacco, chemical, paper and other fields. Experts in the air energy industry believe that the national subsidy will directly stimulate the air drying market to further expand, prompting the air energy heat pump drying industry to enter the fast lane of development.