North heating season, Jin Hao debut warm-up tour for clean heating and then help

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On January 26th, by Huicong Network, HC Heat Pump Network, HC Heating Heating Network, HC Air Conditioning Refrigeration Network, 51 Factory Batch Network co-sponsored "Total anti-fog, sharing comfort - HC Network 2018 HVAC and comfortable home nationwide The roving product technology exchange meeting was held at Zhengzhou Yuehai Hotel. This winter, there are many rains and snows. At the scene, Dr. Hong Qinghui from Guangzhou Jinhao Electric Co., Ltd. shared the secrets of low temperature heating and heating for the guests.

Zhengzhou Conference Hall

Speech by Mr. Hong Qinghui, Ph.D., Guangzhou Jinhao Electric Co., Ltd.

 Recently, there have been many rains and snows everywhere, and the temperature has plummeted. The heating problem has become another major topic of concern for the people. With the implementation of the "coal to electricity" and "coal to gas" policies, the state has shown great determination to rectify environmental pollution, improve the living environment today, and combat all sources of environmental pollution. For the issue of clean energy heating, Guangzhou Jinhao Electric Co., Ltd. has its own set of tips.

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According to Mr. Hong Qinghui, Guangzhou Jinhao Electric Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001. As a technology-based manufacturing enterprise, Jinhao Electric is one of the earliest research and development and manufacturing enterprises of air source and water source heat pump hot water units in China. In 2008, Jinhao Electric invested 50 million yuan to build a garden-style industrial park. The industrial park has a modern and advanced all-weather environmental simulation experiment center, CNC mold development center and injection molding center to realize the fastest transformation from drawings to products.

     At the meeting, Mr. Hong Qinghui explained the advantages and disadvantages of gas, electric heating and air heating. He pointed out that the gas source is single, it is easy to cut off gas, it emits a lot of nitrogen oxides, it is polluted, and the gas is very dangerous. The explosion often occurs; and the air energy is a national policy support product, which has the advantages of safety, energy saving and environmental protection; In comparison, air can be used more widely.

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Subsequently, Mr. Hong Qinghui analyzed the problems of high-grade heat source and heating heat source, the temperature of the evaporation end and the choice of refrigerant, and the maturity of CO2 and R410A, and pointed out that Jin Yumingdi mainly uses R410A as the main development and promotion direction, with full DC. Frequency conversion is a reserve product, and CO2 is expected to move towards a mature industrial chain. In addition, on the road ahead, Jinhao Electric will always take clean energy as its responsibility and escort the blue sky and white clouds.

     Humans have only one home. While pursuing a comfortable life, we should also pay attention to environmental protection. In order to retain more blue sky and white clouds and promote clean energy heating, Jinhao Electric hopes to contribute to more people with lofty ideals and contribute to the "blue sky defense war".