Arbor Day | Green Water, Green Mountain, You and I Work Together

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A tree with a tree age of 50 years, calculated cumulatively, can bring the following ecological value to the earth: The value of producing oxygen is approximately $31,200;The value of absorbing harmful gases and preventing atmospheric pollution is about US$62,500;Increase soil fertility value by approximately $31,200;The water source is worth $37,500;Provide a breeding ground for birds and other animals worth $31,250;Produce a protein value of $2,500;A tree of 50 years old can produce a total value of about $196,000.


Perhaps you will think, with one hand, a tree, what can change?Actually, as mentioned above, every tree planted will greatly improve the environment.

March 12 is the annual China Tree Planting Festival. On this day, people have planted saplings and made a contribution to the global environment with their hands in the early spring.The original intention of the Arbor Day was to call on all the people to protect the forest and plant trees, and each took responsibility for the common home of the earth.

A weak sapling planted by today's hand can bring huge benefits and changes to the ecological environment in the future.Nowadays everyone says that they are willing to make a "small" force for the ecological environment, but your strength is never small, but with the help of hands, it can create unlimited energy.

By choosing Jin Hao Ming Di heat pump, it can also make a great contribution to ecological protection.Jin Hao Ming Di products, no ammonia, no salt, environmental protection and safety.


Kim Min-ming has always been committed to working with partners and the community to achieve a sustainable society and to implement the environmental declaration “To live safely for all children in the future”. Corporate environmental commitment.In daily life, we will continue to do the best for the ecological environment. When you and I act together, they will gather together to become a powerful energy to change the status quo of the global environment.

Environmental protection is not far away, just every step of your progress. Jin Min Ming Di and you create a green future, and symbiosis with nature, you and I work together.