Cross-country life, financial director playing air source

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How can an air energy dealer enjoy the joy of life while at the same time succeeding in business, not to ignore more beautiful scenery on the road of life, and to make his career smoother and more comfortable. At the beginning of the new year, on the edge of the beautiful Wuxi Huishan National Forest Park, "Heat Pump Industry Information" interviewed Feng Jingcheng, general manager of Wuxi Zhixin Energy Equipment Co., Ltd., and was fortunate to listen to his experience of air energy and telling about the air energy. The development status of Wuxi and its own life experience.

Feng Jingcheng, who has been operating air energy since 2008, has been a "male-level" dealer for many years in the air energy industry. His influence in Wuxi is quite large and can be said to be the forerunner of local air energy. During the period, he used his steady business model to find his own goal, to do his career, to realize his life, to cross-country and to realize his own life value.

Challenge yourself, chances will last a lifetime

Feng Jingcheng’s air energy road started with some accidents and even some accidents. During the interview, he learned that he was the financial controller of the state-owned enterprise and had two years of capital operation. No matter how you look at it, it seems that it is not with the air source. And meticulous thinking, a steady style is his label. However, the adventures and courage in the bones made him constantly challenge himself. At an exhibition in Changzhou in 2008, Feng Jingcheng took advantage of the air energy when he accompanied his friends to the exhibition. With the embarrassment of the new energy industry, he decided to intervene in the air energy industry. . He said: "At that moment, I feel that I have found a career I will do later."

After a short period of adaptation, Feng Jingcheng has a familiar understanding of air performance and engineering operations. He began to publicize and promote in the Wuxi market. With good reputation and accumulated network of contacts, he soon emerged in the Wuxi market. In the peak period, he became the leader of Wuxi's air energy engineering market. Even the big brands such as Midea can only hope for it.

Financial well-being, capital, and stability are the most important prerequisites. The steady style allows him to avoid risk avoidance in the course of business. In the process of operating air energy, he is based on the safety of the capital chain, the operation of the air energy system, and the service guarantee of after-sales products. He does not pretend or leave the team, and develops air energy at his own pace. cause.

This year's Spring Festival, other dealers were busy and busy, Feng Jingcheng was driving with his family to play a circle, did not receive a repair call during the period. Only in the previous customer visits found a hotel with insufficient water supply, but the result is ridiculous: the hotel business is too good, there is no room, the original two people's room is now in 5 people, in the case of full house, The three more people became the "last straw" that caused the lack of hot water supply. Fortunately, the problem was solved soon. Although this is only a small problem with no problems, it makes Feng Jingcheng more cautious in engineering and avoids such a small situation in the future.

He made each project a live advertisement that would help him publicize. Not only did he set a lot of benchmarks for his promotion of air in Wuxi, but he also provided him with many opportunities to buy again. Some customers would use according to the people around him. Actively find Wuxi Zhichuang Company to form a relatively reliable sales channel, and some businesses that take the initiative to find a door are not a problem in terms of price. As long as they can make a project that makes customers satisfied, they can gain recognition from customers and get cooperation again. opportunity.

Be sincere in doing things, and have a big picture in doing business.

As he walked down, he constantly challenged his potential and continued to reap his own success. Because of the experience that many business leaders have talked about, Mr. Feng Jingcheng has more overall views on air energy than other dealers, and will analyze the relationship between business operations and dealer operations from different angles.

He believes that when choosing a cooperative enterprise, dealers should not only look at brand awareness and enterprise scale, but also whether the company is professional enough for air energy, and whether it can meet the needs of the local market in terms of technology, maintenance, after-sales and engineering design. Your own capital, technology, and after-sales strength, in the final analysis, is to meet the market demand with the right products on the right platform.

As for the big strategy formulated by the manufacturer, what the dealers have to do is to adjust their own positioning, adjust the market strategy, fit the regional development plan of the enterprise, and obtain the order and customer recognition with the market promotion that they are best at. The company has a profit-making activity for the dealers. Feng Jingcheng will make a big deal of the goods. He feels that when he wants to do business, he must make a decisive shot. This will not only achieve closer cooperation with the manufacturers, but also make them have a more reasonable profit. space. When the construction started at the beginning of this year, some dealers received a notice of price increase from the manufacturer, which was a sigh. Feng Jingcheng was indifferent. First of all, this is a matter of expectation. The rise of raw materials is a social phenomenon. Secondly, he has long been planning ahead, buying millions of units in advance, and truly "having a 'grain' in the library, and the price increase is not panic."

Years of experience in distribution, product quality and business philosophy of the company's leadership are two key points of his cooperation. In addition to the long-term cooperation of Changling Air Energy, Ode's machine is also his favorite product, especially with manufacturers. After the cooperation, the attitude and business principles of Chairman Huang’s family are very recognized. Be a man first, then do things, and prepare your products with peace of mind. It is stable and has rules. He believes that their attitude towards running a business is like playing Tai Chi. It is a soft, steady, steady and profitable society. Now its son Huang Yiheng controls the overall situation. Feng Jingcheng expects that Australia and Germany can add more stickers to the times on the basis of the original. The way of doing business makes the company stronger.

In an interview with "Heat Pump Industry Information", he revealed such a detail. Wuxi’s five-year-old gymnasium was closed due to poor management, and the installed air energy unit wanted to dispose of it. Feng Jingcheng found that the machine was not only running. Normally, all kinds of spare parts are still well preserved, which made him have a more intuitive understanding of the quality of the products of Ao De, and also made him more emboldened by his commitment to customers.

As his reputation in Wuxi's air-energy hot water engineering industry is getting higher and higher, some projects will designate Feng Jingcheng to do it himself. Safety, environmental protection and no worries are important factors to convince customers. For example, the hot water project of Huishan People's Hospital uses solar energy + air energy hot water system. The solar energy is the best brand in the industry. The design of the whole system must be completed by Feng Jingcheng. The maintenance cost in the later period is one step. .

Among the projects he has done, this is not a case. Many of the biddings are as long as he goes. If the customer has higher requirements on quality and after-sales, there is basically no suspense in winning the bid. The benchmarking project will actively attract customers. Shown in all.

Become attached to JEEP and meet more beautiful scenery in life

Life is more than work, poetry and distance. Career is part of life, but not all. Nowadays, "Struggle in the first half of the year and enjoy life in the second half of the year" is the normal life of Feng Jingcheng. All this is because he found a more beautiful scenery outside the air, that is, the JEEP car. As a JEEP enthusiast, he and more than 100 JEEP owners in Wuxi gather together under the same taste, the same values, and the same hobbies.

As the elite of this city, they all have successful careers and stable sources of income. Some are private entrepreneurs, some are state-owned enterprise executives, and the government’s middle-level leaders, law firm’s barristers, etc. More interest disputes can form a team relationship with no desire and no desire, stable and secure.

After the establishment of the Jiangsu JEEP Brigade, it is very concerned about the charity of the charity, and often does some charity occasionally. Today, in April and October each year, we will go to the poverty-stricken areas of the Dabie Mountains, and together with Yu Bin, a Chinese good man in Wuxi, will send warmth and care to the poor children there. In an interview with "Heat Pump Industry Information", Feng Jingcheng said that the harvest that was just returned in January 2017, when doing charity, is actually examining his own soul and discovering another way of living in society to make himself more friendly. More grateful to the society.

Jumping out of the industry to be an industry, we can integrate resources on a larger platform, and also enable air to truly influence all levels of society, so that more people care about the development of the industry, and truly let the air take root somewhere. Grow and gain greater vitality. For his own rich experience with the Wuxi JEEP brigade, he said: "The car is lifeless. When combined with people, it becomes a carrier. JEEP is a kind of feeling and culture."

Cross-country life, Feng Jingcheng gained more family and friendship from the JEEP team. It is of great significance to know that air can be used for energy conservation and emission reduction. Many of the teammates in the fleet have become volunteer salesmen of Feng Jingcheng. Everyone in the circle of friends who has air energy needs will be recommended for the first time. Everything else is also helping each other, so that things that seem to be difficult are easily solved.

As a quality cooperative dealer of Changling, Feng Jingcheng not only actively cooperates with the manufacturers in the market promotion, but also supports the activities of Changling in other activities. In the April 2016 Changling Taihu Forum on the dealership activities It is the brothers of this JEEP brigade who have helped each other to provide full logistic support, so that the event can be successfully held in the downpour.

Return to the true nature, treat people with peace of mind

The career is successful, and now Feng Jingcheng’s mentality of doing air energy is light and windy. In this regard, it can be seen from lunch at noon that there is a small restaurant on the edge of Huishan National Forest Park. It is a frequent gathering place for the Wuxi JEEP brigade. The ingredients used are original and simple. To the extreme, eat the five flavors of miscellaneous in the mouth, the entrance is the fragrance of the fish, the crispness of the bamboo shoots, and even the taste of the green onions is so authentic.

Eating simple meals and doing simple business, now Feng Jingcheng's operation of air can be described as a matter of course. Every single business is doing its best, and there is no pressure for after-sales maintenance. He pays more attention to the quality of products and the quality of engineering. "Retail after retail" is his pursuit of air energy engineering. Adhere to the use of good host products, good accessories, plus years of mature technology to achieve this effect. He repeatedly and the company's employees stressed that once the sale is less, there will be less cost; once more than one sale, you may lose a customer.

The seemingly simple business, but Feng Jingcheng's experience of many years of operation "Dacheng", is also the key guarantee of more than 600 engineering projects "after retail", this is the most direct and most effective way of operation after many explorations. This business model is not only simple and efficient, but also stable and sustainable. It conforms to his usual style of work and is easy to apply. He has a successful career, his family is also very happy, his daughter is well-informed and has excellent grades. He is going to study at the University of Melbourne. His wife has his own independent career. Such a harmonious family makes him have no concerns in his career.

In the air energy industry, Feng Jingcheng not only won the wealth, proved his own life value, but also realized the true meaning of life in the process of doing air energy, and let his mentality return to a more realistic realm, with healthier, The attitude of sunshine, positive and upward life welcomes the future work and life. In realizing his own life value, he rushed all the way and constantly challenged one new goal. In 2017, he will start a new project, and what height it can reach, we will wait and see.